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The origins of Sea ImpEx starts back in the 70’s, when a small shipping operator and brokering company was born in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, Country traditionally, as Italy, populated by people with their  spirit addressed to the maritime trade.

In fact it is not by chance that in Denmark and in northern Europe are based some of the major shipping companies in the World.

The development of the commercial relation with some of these ship’s Owners and the various entities involved in the “heavy lift”, together with the experience gained by Sea ImpEx in these 40 years of activity, have made it possible to grow a company able to cope with the organization of charter shipments of project cargo


The company currently operates from Denmark, and the Italian headquarters in Milan.

The branches of activity of Sea ImpEx are many, even if particular importance is covered by the management of transport 'heavy lift', 'project cargo'.

In the foreground, in the same plant, we also have the management and organization of freight transport integral explosive IMO class 1., both civilian and military.


As anticipated, Sea ImpEx the collaboration of some of the most important owners of Northern Europe, entertaining a direct commercial relationship with them, not without any intermediary

We have at our disposal the ability to offer our customers the service of more than 60 ships, with a variable loading capacity from 1,500 tons to 20,000 tons, all of the latest generation, with its own means of lifting with a capacity in excess of 700 tons weight unit.

We have a selection of Ship ‘Owners and Ship Operators with whom we cooperate very close and that together can offer a fleet in excess of 1.000 ships, and this can ensure to our clients continuity in the service needed..


Our flexibility, the ability to seek the best solution for our customers, having the support and help of our owners, while, at the same time, having the freedom to find alternative solutions on the market, if these were more suitable to the needs of the customer.

Our goal is much broader to find a simple solution of transport. Our company is in fact quite capable of undertaking feasibility studies of logistics, such as the bridge Storebaelt, Denmark, built in 1992, where we had a very important role not only in transportation, but especially in the consulting services provided shippers and operators involved in the material handling and exceptionally heavy items required for the building of this colossal work of Italian civil engineering. At the same Italian engineering company responsible for the construction, we have provided support and contact information to identify suitable suppliers.

Our desire, taken as a personal challenge, to find always a possibility for custom requests we receive, make that Sea Impex can count among its clients many of the leading companies in the world which are involved in plant engineering and in military and mining.


Sea ImpEx, in addition to shipping, is able to operate in the air, meaning both 'general cargo', and as 'heavy lift', ‘Chartering’ and transporting explosives. We have the ability to make partial shipments is the direct hire of aircraft, thanks to a network of reliable partners and collaborative relationships established and strengthened over time